DH1 Construction is a company founded by Adrian and Dwain, two friends and former teammates with a shared heritage, and belief in client satisfaction, efficiency and craftsmanship. You can find our team on job sites doing full build ups, a kitchen remodel renovations or just building on a new fence. It’s not the size of the project that matters, but our commitment to our clients and staff that we will work diligently to bring clients’ vision to life.


Client Satisfaction

We consistently get rave reviews from our clients, some of whom created profiles for us on platforms we don’t even use, just to give us 5 star reviews. Here is why. We don’t view our client relationships as purely transactional, where we provide a craft and they pay us. We work as if our kids will live in your home, and none of our work is complete until it meets DH1 Construction strict product and craftsmanship standards.  Different clients will have different visions, budgets or time constraints. We understand that, and will work to ensure you are satisfied with the solution we present to respond to the constraints of your project. We incorporate walkthroughs at various stages of each project, and keep clients informed on their changing needs. Please let us know how we can make your experience with us a better one.


The way we spend our time is ultimately how our clients spend their money, and we take this very seriously. We try to anticipate material and equipment needs ahead of time, placing orders in a manner that ensures resources are delivered prior to them being needed. Sometimes, we need craftsmen like plumbers or electricians, but we don’t want our projects to sit around and wait, so we schedule these and pay attention to potential disruptions, and respond accordingly. We love when clients share their vision, constraints, or anxieties upfront, so we can ensure our work takes them into consideration. 

Actually I am still stunned about this! The came in the morning and I let them in and went to office to work. When I came back downstairs for lunch in the afternoon, they had demoed the entire bathroom and had the majority of the framing up. They had this “that’s how we work” look on their face when they saw how shocked I was that they had moved that fast.



Our value Isn’t just in our ability to complete standard workflows, but also in responding to interesting and sometimes painstaking constraints that are often unique to each job site. One client bought a vanity they loved, but the placement of the drawer was such that it wouldn’t fit with the plumbing that was just installed. So, we took the drawer out, redesigned to fit around the plumbing, and reinstalled into the vanity. That client still proclaims each time we work together. The truth is, we take pride in the work we do, anything that has our name attached to it. Every touch is one that is deliberate, and every compromise is made after alternatives are vetted, and our client consulted. If you aren’t satisfied, let us know, we will make it right!


Dwain Williams, Master Carpenter and Co-founder

Dwain is a master carpenter and co-founder with a passion for building. Born and raised in Jamaica, he took an early interest in carpentry, gobbling up everything there was to learn about the craft. He spent time watching documentaries and reading books, with a burning desire to explore what was at the boundaries of carpentry. As a child, he dreamt about coming to America and teaming up with other folks to start a construction company that would employ people and serve its clients. To that end, he went to a trade school and learned the ins and outs as an apprentice. When he met Adrian in Washington in 2020, he knew he had found the right partner to start DH1 Construction. Send Dwain an email at dwain@dh1construction.com.

Adrian Herah, Master Carpenter and Co-founder

Craftsmanship comes natural for Adrian–maybe he was born this way. Getting his start in upholstery, the way he seamlessly transitions from the sewing machine to the  hammer will fascinate you. Though he has settled on carpentry, he still has a profound appreciation for good design, and will often share his ideas for what the experience after project completion should be like. His path from law enforcement in Jamaica to master carpenter in Seattle Washington is interesting if not traditional. Like Dwain, he had ideas of starting a construction company in America. When they met, he appreciated his craftsmanship and attention to detail, so he invited him to work under his boss at the time. As they worked, they envisioned going on out their own, and DH1 Construction was born. Adrian takes pride in the fact that his former boss thought he was ready to branch out, and after he did, his former boss would call him up and give him contracts. You can contact Adrain at adrian@dh1construciton.com.


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